4 Educational Apps that are changing the World

App technology is making the world more educated.  It’s allowing for information to flow from our Androids wherever we exist. With this knowledge it’s recognized that apps are literally making the world a better place. Whether if the app is designed to help first graders with their reading comprehension or for an adult to memorize answers to a big test, Android apps are making it happen. There are four apps that are currently and silently having an impact on the world and they need to be recognized.

Here’s a breakdown of each app…

Flash Card Maker Pro– Say goodbye to paper flash cards. Flashcard pro is incredible at organizing all of your cards for all of your classes. It includes audio that will read back the card to you. Unlike regular flash cards, with flashcard maker pro you can add images to each card. You can create the flash cards on your home computer and then instantly see them on your android app. The miracle of this is you don’t have to carry around stacks of cards with you everywhere you go. Flashcard Maker Pro can help with everything educational. The great part about this app is it’s not just for children, it’s for everyone. It does come with a 5 dollar price, but you can say goodbye to buying flashcards at the store!

Evernote-For note taking, Evernote has changed the way people take and record information for notes. This free app is not only being used by students, but it’s being used by professionals in many industries to record and organize their notes.  Evernote offers a platform that enables users to record websites with a unique bookmarking system. It allows for attachments to be attached to the notes. It stores videos, photos, and recorded sounds. The organization platform Evernote offers is at the top of its class, making all of the notes from your entire life easy to pull up and possibly share. Evernote has an email server built into it, allowing you to email off your notes to whomever. You can even share them on any of your social networks. This app is free and so worth a download.

WolframAlpha- For $3.99 this app will be the deepest calculator you’ll ever invest in. Wolframalpha has all of the equations you’ll come across in college built into its app.  Whether if it’s advanced calculus or principles of finance, with Wolframalpha you can pull up the function, punch in the numbers and have the correct answer spit back at you instantaneously.  Wolframalpha not only gives you the answer it shows you how they answered the problem. If you even want more information Wolframalpha will show you the history of the equation and will even teach you everything there’s to know about the equation.  If you’re in a tough math class right now, this app will help you have success.

Wikipedia- With oceans of information and literally information about oceans, Wikipedia brings the world of knowledge to your Android. Wikipedia is well branded and already well known, because of that this app may get overlooked or taken for granted but with its storage of 20 million articles in over 280 languages, this app is one of the best when wanting to pull up information on the go. The app has all of the popular share functions, making the articles sharable. By having this much information in your hand makes this app worth the free download.

There are many other amazing educational apps out there. It’s incredible to know that in this day and age we have more information and knowledge in our pocket than ever before.  Educational app makers are changing the world. Plus, the more educated people become, the more intelligent the apps will be that come forth in a future period. If it wasn’t for education, knowledge, and learning, we wouldn’t have the Android in the first place.

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How PR Marketing Plans Impact SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a critical role for modern businesses. While a company may not sell products or services online, it’s still important to understand how brand perception can be impacted by an online presence. In many cases, positive or negative brand perception can have a statistically significant impact on business performance in only a few weeks.

While a social media marketing agency can be a powerful tool for many businesses and organizations, it’s important for business owners to understand how brand development strategies can impact consumer perception and sales. Many companies hire professional public relation (PR) firms to manage consumer perception and generate interest in a product or service. While many people understand how a PR firm can be valuable with traditional print media, they may not understand how a successful PR campaign can have a positive impact on a company’s SEO strategy. SEO campaigns combine a wide variety of techniques to boost the rankings of a website. When an individual searches for certain terms, a search engine will return ranked results based on the reputation of a website. A site’s reputation is mostly based on the number of websites that link to it. For example, a business that has incoming links from reputable websites will often rank higher in a search engine result page (SERP).

A PR campaign can be a great way to get incoming links on high quality news and information websites. For example, a PR campaign that targets a newspaper may cause the newspaper to add backlinks to a business. This can help drive higher rankings in a SERP. In addition, many major newspapers are syndicated through a wide variety of local and regional papers. For example, an article published in a national newspaper may be repeated in dozens of local newspapers over the course of a few weeks. If each of these local newspapers includes a copy of the story on their website with a link to the business, it may be possible for the business to experience higher search engine ranking.

It’s also important to understand how social media is changing the face of modern SEO. When searching for some terms on Google, an individual may see links that are associated with Google Plus. Google Plus is a social network that is deeply integrated with the Google search engine. Results that are associated with a Google Plus profile are often given a higher ranking.

For example, imagine that a prominent journalist has a Google Plus profile. He or she posts a story about a positive experience with a company. Google Plus automatically links that story with his or her profile and gives it a higher rank since it is considered legitimate. This can be a great way for businesses of all sizes to boost their search engine ranking. It’s also important to understand that the number of users linking a story through Google Plus can also have a significant impact on a site’s ranking in the Google SERP.

For example, a story about a company that is passed through many profiles on Google Plus will rank higher than a story that is not associated with any Google Plus profiles. By hiring a professional PR campaign, it’s possible for businesses of all sizes to see improved search engine rankings for targeted keywords.

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PR for New Businesses

When starting a new business, two main factors of success will be the exposure of the new business in the current marketplace and the business’ image among the general public. The existence of the new business must be made known among all potential customers to capitalize on potential sales. Good messages must convey an image or idea about the company.

Making the public aware of the products and services that the new business offers is an important step in any new business plan. Public Relations is the process of attracting attention and influencing the general public’s perception in a certain way. It is vital that any new business use public relations as part of the business plan.

A strategy for success for any new business should include a PR plan for creating and fostering a desired image of the business among the general public and the media. Using PR will actively play a role in the overall success of a new business. When a new business starts up, the business must make itself known to the general public. It is also important that the new business spread awareness among the general demographic of its potential clients.

Once the business existence has been established among the general public, it is also important that business convey clear, appropriate messages about its services, products, and what the business offers to the public. Using public relations, or PR, is an excellent way to bring about these desired affects. Just bringing about the awareness that the business even exists is vital to succeeding in a market where there are competing businesses.

To make a business known, a new business will need exposure through radio, internet, and TV. It is important that the new business plan to market itself and promote its existence among a potential customer base. Without attracting attention from customers, many potential customers may not ever know a new business exists. The business’ image among the general public will have huge impact on the overall success the business because it will impact the number of potential customers.

Public Relations is the process or practice of deliberately influencing and impacting the ideas and images to bring about desired results. When starting a new business, the desired results are increased traffic and sales. It is common practice for nearly every professional business in the world to use PR to impact and develop the business’ image. Awareness about the new business among the public and the potential customer base is vital to securing consistent sales. Successful implementation of a public relations campaign will help potential clients and patrons to clearly understand what exactly the new business offers.

Successful PR will also keep the image of the business fresh in the minds of potential customers so they do not forget about the new business when it’s time for them to buy or spend. Using public relations to further the existence of a new business can be complicated, but it can also be really easy.

While more professional businesses hire specialized PR firms to implement a campaign, smaller new businesses can create their own public relations campaign in their local community for little cost by using creative ideas to promote the new business through local TV, radio, and news papers. PR is an excellent tool that any new business can use to make sure people know and understand what the new business had to offer.

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The Places You Need To Visit In SLC

Salt Lake City is the capital of Utah and famous for its recreational opportunities and scenic areas to visit. It is most well-known for skiing and snowboarding. The 2002 Olympic Winter Games was held in the city due to its reputation as having the best snow on Earth.

If you decide to visit the city, here are the top destinations you don’t want to miss during your stay.

1. The Historic Temple Square. This is one of the most visited tourist locations in the city. It features close to 20 attractions that are related to the history and genealogy of the Mormon pioneers. These can all be seen without traveling all over the city. Some of the attractions in the area include the Salt Lake Temple, Assembly Hall, the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, Family History Library and the Museum of Church History and Art.

2. The resorts in and around Salt Lake City receive an average of 500 inches of light and powdery snow each year. The lake effect produces massive amounts of snow for the best skiing and snowboarding at the Snowbird, Solitude, Brighton and Alta resorts. The resorts feature slopes for both beginner and advanced individuals.

3. Fans of history will not be disappointed on a visit to Salt Lake City. It contains many historical sites including the State Capitol, which was modeled after the nation’s capital. Tours are available for the majority of the year. The Governor’s Mansion was built in 1902 and is the home of the governor. Tours are also available here. Religious buildings are also popular for tourists, and some of the most visited are the Cathedral of Madeleine, the Presbyterian Church, St. Mark’s Cathedral and the Greek Orthodox Cathedral.

4. Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats is a natural feature that stretches more than 30,000 acres. It is unique due to how flat it is, and it also contains a very thick layer of salty soil where no vegetation grows. The area looks as if it is covered in snow. The area formed when Lake Bonneville dried up, and the salty deposits were left behind. The area is designated as an Area of Critical Environmental Concern, and care needs to be taken when visiting to adhere to the posted rules and regulations.

5. If history and sports aren’t exactly your favorite things to spend time doing, don’t worry. You can also spend some of your time in Salt Lake City getting a valuable entertainment experience at one of the many arts and entertainment facilities. These include the Children’s Theater of Salt Lake, Capitol Theater, Gallivan Center, Grand Theater, Kingsbury Hall, the Salt Lake Acting Company and the Hale Center Theater. There is something for everyone.

6. Salt Lake City also features plenty of shopping opportunities. The downtown area features malls and other popular shopping destinations. These include the Cottonwood Mall, Gateway Mall, Historic Trolley Square and the Sugarhouse Area.

Don’t forget to plan ahead for ways to travel around the city. If you fly in, you’ll want to look into a car rental Utah has to offer. If you prefer to avoid traffic and parking, you may want to investigate long term parking SLC airport has available.



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How Teaching Your Child to Read Will Improve Their Communicating Skills

The importance of reading in education and society cannot be overemphasized. Helping children to learn how to read will also improve their communication skills. Reading is so essential, that without it, the average person could not survive, without being totally dependent upon others, in any civilized society. Preschool and Kindergarten Reading Pre-schoolers are usually exposed to reading by way of their parents, as well as through attending a pre-school program.

Children learn reading skills in kindergarten that help to form the foundation of essential reading skills, such as: 1. Phonics and phonemic awareness. A key component to learning to read is listening. When children learn through listening, they understand how to comprehend and respond. 2. Vocabulary development. The more children read, the better their vocabulary will be. Increased vocabulary raises the ability to communicate effectively. Vocabulary is an essential tool in understanding varied topics and genres of writing. 3. Language fluency. Developing oral reading skills involves active listening and the capability to help other people with expression. Reading not only improves the ability to communicate, but word choice and diction while speaking, as well. 4. Comprehension strategies. Children develop ways to comprehend what they hear, which is accomplished through listening. The ability to listen also translates to developing the best ways to communicate in a way that produces desired results. 5. Using the imagination. The ability to communicate increases when the imagination expands. Reading nurtures word recognition and the use of the imagination, an essential element to a balanced and thorough education. There is no doubt that reading strengthens the ability to communicate.

Every successful person has had to learn how to communicate effectively. Communicating well involves connecting with people. Reading comprehension programs emphasize all of the skills necessary to read well, from listening to understanding, remembering and responding. Building Self-Image Beginning with pre-school and kindergarten reading programs, children are taught the basic aspects of letters, words and sentences. From the first time that a person learns how to read words and sentences, the self-image is raised. Reading offers a knowledge and skill set that provides fuel for self-expression. When people can express themselves fully, they feel better about themselves. Aside from the ability to communicate and be heard, other people respect those who are able to express themselves more than those who cannot.

When considering literacy, those who do not have the ability to read are subject to disrespect and being taken advantage of. Living in both rural and urban regions requires, at the bare minimum, the ability to read signs, instructions and contracts, just to live from day to day. Most every job requires the ability to read, and the better a person is at this skill, the higher the chance that he or she will be successful at whatever course of study, job or social endeavor they focus on.

The ability to read effectively has been stressed by researchers, theorists and practitioners of mental, physical and spiritual health. No matter what a person’s perspective may be, there are few ideologies that are more widely agreed upon than the fact that reading is, and will be, an essential tool for living in the twenty first century, and all of the centuries to come. This is why reading comprehension programs have become an integral part of the learning process.

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Reading to Children Increases Lifetime Grades

It would be difficult to argue against the idea that reading forms the basis of our daily lives. We read directions on medicine bottles, we read driving directions, menus, newspapers, magazines, contracts, and instructions at work and at school. Every day of our lives entails reading of some kind to simply get through the day. If we cannot read our lives become much more complicated, requiring us to depend upon others to understand even simple warnings or directions. It affects our ability to obtain and hold employment, further our education, pass exams, operate vehicles, and even apply for a passport.

Research based reading programs document the importance of learning to read at an early age and developing lifelong patterns of continuing education. The simple truth is that children who learn to read at a young age develop strong cognitive skills, improved speech patterns and better self-discipline. Their enjoyment of life is enhanced because they are able to appreciate all that surrounds them. Reading is much more than just learning: it is also finding an escape from the woes and worries of life.

As we read we share the lives and experiences of others even if they are from far-away lands, remote historical periods, or cultures we can only imagine. If reading forms the basis for all of this then learning is the vehicle reading propels. Each time we read even the smallest paragraph we have increased our knowledge through a process of learning. Parents who begin reading to their children at birth are setting in motion a series of events that will likely culminate in a well-educated, informed adult with a profound enjoyment of life. Children learn by example and as parents illustrate that reading is something to be practiced daily and enjoyed thoroughly, children begin to adopt those same points of views for themselves.

Reading help for first graders increases their ability to absorb and retain information as well as helps them develop basic speech patterns that will benefit them throughout life. Children who read and comprehend what they read at an early age on placed firmly on track to increase their grades over the lifetime of their education. Academic excellence, when achieved as a child, will follow a student to the University level and beyond, giving them a distinct career advantage. The importance of mastering one’s native language cannot be over stated. Effective communication is a key element to reaching our goals and objectives, expressing our personal feelings, and ultimately to getting what we want out of life. Enhanced concentration, closer familial relationships, meaningful personal exchanges and a more comprehensive view of life are just a few of the prerequisites of early reading ability.

Parents who take the time to read to their children and encourage their child’s love of learning make a priceless investment in the future of the children they love. Children look to their parents and caregivers as role models. They follow the patterns that are set before them and that is what they teach to their own children. It only makes sense to set a pathway of education and knowledge acquisition for your precious child and their children to follow for a lifetime.

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How to Make Your Child Fall in Love with Reading

Making children fall in love with reading is the first step in raising lifelong readers. If children do not enjoy reading for pleasure, they will often be resistant to improving and developing advanced reading skills, which will negatively impact them in an academic setting. And as schools have less and less time to devote to reading for pleasure, parents need to get more involved in encouraging their children to love reading. One way to encourage children to fall in love with reading is by modeling the behavior.


Parents who genuinely enjoy reading will often be engrossed in books, and the children will want to copy the behavior. Additionally, parents should read to their kids, and model the behaviors they use intuitively when they read for themselves. This simple family activity, which should be part of the daily routine, can represent the beginning of a child’s love for reading. Children can learn to focus completely on their reading when they know that this time is part of their routine at home, free from other distractions.


Reading with the kids should be interactive. This is easily achieved by talking about the story before, during and after the book is finished. In addition, the adults do not have to be the only ones reading aloud. If the parents and children take turns reading aloud, both can learn from each other. When the parents are reading, they can use funny and different voices, making the story come alive for the children. When the children are reading, parents can take the opportunity to help the children develop reading fluency in a relaxed manner. This is also a good a time to weave in phonics lessons to help children develop as readers.


It is easy to fall in love with reading when the books you are reading directly relate to your interests. One way to get children to read, even reluctant ones, is to find out their interests and passions and then provide books about these. Finding interesting books at the children’s reading levels and making them available to kids will definitely encourage and tempt the children to read. It is important that the books take into account the child’s reading comprehension. Second grade readers, for example, need books geared toward their reading level to avoid causing frustration if they cannot understand the story. This does not necessarily mean buying every book a parent finds on a topic a child likes. 

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