Reading to Children Increases Lifetime Grades

It would be difficult to argue against the idea that reading forms the basis of our daily lives. We read directions on medicine bottles, we read driving directions, menus, newspapers, magazines, contracts, and instructions at work and at school. Every day of our lives entails reading of some kind to simply get through the day. If we cannot read our lives become much more complicated, requiring us to depend upon others to understand even simple warnings or directions. It affects our ability to obtain and hold employment, further our education, pass exams, operate vehicles, and even apply for a passport.

Research based reading programs document the importance of learning to read at an early age and developing lifelong patterns of continuing education. The simple truth is that children who learn to read at a young age develop strong cognitive skills, improved speech patterns and better self-discipline. Their enjoyment of life is enhanced because they are able to appreciate all that surrounds them. Reading is much more than just learning: it is also finding an escape from the woes and worries of life.

As we read we share the lives and experiences of others even if they are from far-away lands, remote historical periods, or cultures we can only imagine. If reading forms the basis for all of this then learning is the vehicle reading propels. Each time we read even the smallest paragraph we have increased our knowledge through a process of learning. Parents who begin reading to their children at birth are setting in motion a series of events that will likely culminate in a well-educated, informed adult with a profound enjoyment of life. Children learn by example and as parents illustrate that reading is something to be practiced daily and enjoyed thoroughly, children begin to adopt those same points of views for themselves.

Reading help for first graders increases their ability to absorb and retain information as well as helps them develop basic speech patterns that will benefit them throughout life. Children who read and comprehend what they read at an early age on placed firmly on track to increase their grades over the lifetime of their education. Academic excellence, when achieved as a child, will follow a student to the University level and beyond, giving them a distinct career advantage. The importance of mastering one’s native language cannot be over stated. Effective communication is a key element to reaching our goals and objectives, expressing our personal feelings, and ultimately to getting what we want out of life. Enhanced concentration, closer familial relationships, meaningful personal exchanges and a more comprehensive view of life are just a few of the prerequisites of early reading ability.

Parents who take the time to read to their children and encourage their child’s love of learning make a priceless investment in the future of the children they love. Children look to their parents and caregivers as role models. They follow the patterns that are set before them and that is what they teach to their own children. It only makes sense to set a pathway of education and knowledge acquisition for your precious child and their children to follow for a lifetime.


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