The Places You Need To Visit In SLC

Salt Lake City is the capital of Utah and famous for its recreational opportunities and scenic areas to visit. It is most well-known for skiing and snowboarding. The 2002 Olympic Winter Games was held in the city due to its reputation as having the best snow on Earth.

If you decide to visit the city, here are the top destinations you don’t want to miss during your stay.

1. The Historic Temple Square. This is one of the most visited tourist locations in the city. It features close to 20 attractions that are related to the history and genealogy of the Mormon pioneers. These can all be seen without traveling all over the city. Some of the attractions in the area include the Salt Lake Temple, Assembly Hall, the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, Family History Library and the Museum of Church History and Art.

2. The resorts in and around Salt Lake City receive an average of 500 inches of light and powdery snow each year. The lake effect produces massive amounts of snow for the best skiing and snowboarding at the Snowbird, Solitude, Brighton and Alta resorts. The resorts feature slopes for both beginner and advanced individuals.

3. Fans of history will not be disappointed on a visit to Salt Lake City. It contains many historical sites including the State Capitol, which was modeled after the nation’s capital. Tours are available for the majority of the year. The Governor’s Mansion was built in 1902 and is the home of the governor. Tours are also available here. Religious buildings are also popular for tourists, and some of the most visited are the Cathedral of Madeleine, the Presbyterian Church, St. Mark’s Cathedral and the Greek Orthodox Cathedral.

4. Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats is a natural feature that stretches more than 30,000 acres. It is unique due to how flat it is, and it also contains a very thick layer of salty soil where no vegetation grows. The area looks as if it is covered in snow. The area formed when Lake Bonneville dried up, and the salty deposits were left behind. The area is designated as an Area of Critical Environmental Concern, and care needs to be taken when visiting to adhere to the posted rules and regulations.

5. If history and sports aren’t exactly your favorite things to spend time doing, don’t worry. You can also spend some of your time in Salt Lake City getting a valuable entertainment experience at one of the many arts and entertainment facilities. These include the Children’s Theater of Salt Lake, Capitol Theater, Gallivan Center, Grand Theater, Kingsbury Hall, the Salt Lake Acting Company and the Hale Center Theater. There is something for everyone.

6. Salt Lake City also features plenty of shopping opportunities. The downtown area features malls and other popular shopping destinations. These include the Cottonwood Mall, Gateway Mall, Historic Trolley Square and the Sugarhouse Area.

Don’t forget to plan ahead for ways to travel around the city. If you fly in, you’ll want to look into a car rental Utah has to offer. If you prefer to avoid traffic and parking, you may want to investigate long term parking SLC airport has available.




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