4 Educational Apps that are changing the World

App technology is making the world more educated.  It’s allowing for information to flow from our Androids wherever we exist. With this knowledge it’s recognized that apps are literally making the world a better place. Whether if the app is designed to help first graders with their reading comprehension or for an adult to memorize answers to a big test, Android apps are making it happen. There are four apps that are currently and silently having an impact on the world and they need to be recognized.

Here’s a breakdown of each app…

Flash Card Maker Pro– Say goodbye to paper flash cards. Flashcard pro is incredible at organizing all of your cards for all of your classes. It includes audio that will read back the card to you. Unlike regular flash cards, with flashcard maker pro you can add images to each card. You can create the flash cards on your home computer and then instantly see them on your android app. The miracle of this is you don’t have to carry around stacks of cards with you everywhere you go. Flashcard Maker Pro can help with everything educational. The great part about this app is it’s not just for children, it’s for everyone. It does come with a 5 dollar price, but you can say goodbye to buying flashcards at the store!

Evernote-For note taking, Evernote has changed the way people take and record information for notes. This free app is not only being used by students, but it’s being used by professionals in many industries to record and organize their notes.  Evernote offers a platform that enables users to record websites with a unique bookmarking system. It allows for attachments to be attached to the notes. It stores videos, photos, and recorded sounds. The organization platform Evernote offers is at the top of its class, making all of the notes from your entire life easy to pull up and possibly share. Evernote has an email server built into it, allowing you to email off your notes to whomever. You can even share them on any of your social networks. This app is free and so worth a download.

WolframAlpha- For $3.99 this app will be the deepest calculator you’ll ever invest in. Wolframalpha has all of the equations you’ll come across in college built into its app.  Whether if it’s advanced calculus or principles of finance, with Wolframalpha you can pull up the function, punch in the numbers and have the correct answer spit back at you instantaneously.  Wolframalpha not only gives you the answer it shows you how they answered the problem. If you even want more information Wolframalpha will show you the history of the equation and will even teach you everything there’s to know about the equation.  If you’re in a tough math class right now, this app will help you have success.

Wikipedia- With oceans of information and literally information about oceans, Wikipedia brings the world of knowledge to your Android. Wikipedia is well branded and already well known, because of that this app may get overlooked or taken for granted but with its storage of 20 million articles in over 280 languages, this app is one of the best when wanting to pull up information on the go. The app has all of the popular share functions, making the articles sharable. By having this much information in your hand makes this app worth the free download.

There are many other amazing educational apps out there. It’s incredible to know that in this day and age we have more information and knowledge in our pocket than ever before.  Educational app makers are changing the world. Plus, the more educated people become, the more intelligent the apps will be that come forth in a future period. If it wasn’t for education, knowledge, and learning, we wouldn’t have the Android in the first place.


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